ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISMS)

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System published by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. ISO 27001 implementation reduces security risks of organizations’ informational assets, with Controls, Objectives and helps to makes a framework to protect those assets. It sets the standard for the handling of Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability of Informational assets that safeguard, controls, and manages through effective ISMS Audit.

 Effective For :

  • Small or large organizations where information protection is highly important such as the health sector, finance sector, IT sector, etc.
  • Companies that manage the entire information database on behalf of others like IT sourcing companies.


Benefits :

  • Provide evidence of Management Commitment
  • Customer real parameters to set your project's needs
  • Gain project scalability grows up your certification scope anytime.
  • Reduce project delivery time
  • Simple & user-friendly interface-cause a good impression on the external audit team
  • Reduce your nonconformities risk through an active workflow and red alerts
  • Traceability on all risk management & continual improvement activities.